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Version 0.5#

Stable beta release with added features:

  • Fixed wrong avg trade duration
  • Changed the way 'spend_amount' (trade value for new trade) is defined. This will prevent the portfolio from becomming unbalanced (e.g. 1/4 budget in one trade and 3/4 budget in another trade)
  • Old: (1 / available_spaces) * budget
  • New: (1 / amount_of_pairs) * budget
  • Fixed incorrect drawdown calculations for 'backtest results'
  • Fixed incorrect drawdown calculations for 'per coin insights'
  • Changed profit percentage columns for 'per coin insights'
  • Now consists of 'avg profit', 'cum profit' and 'total profit'
  • Profit percentages only include closed trades and not open trades (these are shown in 'left open trades' table)
  • Renamed metrics in results table:
  • Max drawdown bad trade train -> most consecutive losses
  • Most drawdown 1 trade -> Worst trade
  • Seen drawdown from -> Max seen drawdown from
  • Seen drawdown to -> Max seen drawdown to
  • [Removed] Max drawdown trades
  • Added average marketchange of BTC and whitelisted coins
  • Fixed incorrect use of downloaded .json data
  • Updated dynamic stoploss warning
  • Changed plots argument to boolean
  • Removed if statement from advanced_strategy
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