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Backtesting arguments#

    usage: docker-compose run --rm dema-engine  [-h] 
                                                [-cap STARTING_CAPITAL] 
                                                [-from BACKTESTING_FROM] 
                                                [-to BACKTESTING_TO] 
                                                [-sl STOPLOSS] 
                                                [-plots PLOTS]
                                                [-sl_type STOPLOSS_TYPE] 
                                                [-c CONFIG] 
                                                [-s STRATEGY_NAME]
                                                {init} ...

    positional arguments:

    optional arguments:
    -h, --help              show this help message and exit
    -cap STARTING_CAPITAL, --starting-capital STARTING_CAPITAL
                            Value of starting capital. 
    -from BACKTESTING_FROM, --backtesting-from BACKTESTING_FROM
                            Specify start date of backtesting period.
    -to BACKTESTING_TO, --backtesting-to BACKTESTING_TO
                            Specify end date of backtesting period.
    -sl_type STOPLOSS_TYPE, --stoploss-type STOPLOSS_TYPE
                            Select stoploss type ('standard', 'trailing', 'dynamic').
    -sl STOPLOSS, --stoploss STOPLOSS
                            Define stoploss percentage (applies for 'standard' and 'trailing' 
    -plots PLOTS, --plots PLOTS
                            Create candle data plots. Also includes populated buy/sell signals 
                            and indicators specified in the config.
    -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                            Select specific config file.
    -s STRATEGY_NAME, --strategy-name STRATEGY_NAME
                            Select specific strategy.
When backtesting, you can make use of the arguments listed above. To run the engine using these arguments, use docker-compose run instead of docker-compose up. The command will then look like this:
docker-compose run --rm dema-engine <command> <optional arguments>

Adding the flag --rm will remove the container after the backtest is done (highly recommended).


Backtesting period#

When you want to configure the backtesting period, you can use the arguments -from and -to. For both arguments the date has to be formatted either YYYYMMDD or YYYY-MM-DD. If the date is not specified in the command line, the engine will use the dates in the config. For example, to run a backtest from 2021-01-01 to 2021-02-01 use the command:

docker-compose run --rm dema-engine -from 20210101 -to 20210201


When working on multiple strategies at the same time it is recommended to use the argument -s to easily backtest another strategy. Make sure your strategies are saved in the ./strategies/ folder and that the classes have different names. For example, to run a strategy which class is named 'NewStrategy', while using the configuration present in config.json, use the command:

docker-compose run --rm dema-engine -s NewStrategy

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