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Extra information#

If you have trouble understanding our engine, the following resources could be useful for increasing your Python, trading, and technical skills. - TA-lib functions all supported indicators by ta-lib. - Python coding codecademy offers coding for almost all languages, including Python. - More Python coding learnpython provides an interactive Python course in which you can get a certificate which in turn you can use on your LinkedIn as well. - Even more Python coding Datacamp provides more advanced (and beginner) courses that can help you get even more Python knowledge. - Trading skills babypips provides a good set of courses to assist in terms of learning how to do Forex trading.

Python coding guidelines#

Python uses PEP-8, which is the style guide for it. These would be the coding guidelines in order for your code to work correspondently and be readable to anyone following the guidelines. While certain aspects of it aren't completely mandatory, it is advised that you stick to these guidelines as well as you can to prevent any errors happening due to breaking said guidelines.

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