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Once you have successfully installed the Engine, it is time to run it. Open a terminal (MacOS) or Powershell (with administrator rights) (Windows), and execute the following commands.

To create your project in a new folder, use the following command:


Move to the directory you just created with the following command:


Then, to run the Engine, simply execute the following command:


Once you have done so, the Engine will run with a sample strategy. The results of the backtest will appear on your screen. A detailed explanation of the results can be found in Section 2.3: Results explained.

Advanced Running Options#

There are multiple parameters you can add on to the executable command, in order to customize the running of the Engine. Here is a short overview of all possibilities.

  • Display the overview of all possible parameters of the engine:

    engine -h

  • Set the starting capital to 500:

    engine -cap 500

  • Set the backtesting from date to 14th of October 2020:

    engine -from "2020-10-14"

  • Set the backtesting to date to first of December 2021:

    engine -to "2021-12-01"

  • Set the stoploss to -50:

    engine -sl -50

  • Set the stoploss type to trailing:

    engine -sl_type "trailing"

  • Turn off the plotting functionality:

    engine -no-plots True

  • Turn on the hyperparameter optimization functionality:

    engine -hy True

  • Set the number of trials for the hyperparameter optimization functionality:

    engine -hy True -nt 50

  • Export the backtesting results to a json file:

    engine -ex True

  • Set the resources directory (that contains the config file):

    engine -r "./resources"

  • Set the strategies directory (that contains the strategy file):

    engine -sf "./strategies"

  • Run the Engine without Engine Use Statistics:

    engine -nostat True

The Engine Use Statistics pertains to the statistics we collect about the Engine usage. We only collect completely anonymised user ID's, current Engine version, and when the Engine was run.

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