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Trading 101#

A basic guide to trading.#

Getting started with trading.#

To start with trading, the first thing you need is volume in one of the coins you desire to trade with. With this volume, you can both sell and buy; selling means selling your current liquidity (in the form of crypto) at the price given at the current prize (usually displayed within the candle and via the book order). Buying means buying, simply buying the asset at the current prize which - just like selling - shows via the candles and the book order.

This in itself is a trade. Candles and book orders will display real-time buy and sell orders that indicate your loss or profit from the point you've bought at. More on these terms can be found under basic terms.

So what does that mean for me?#

In itself it means that with the right buys at the right time and the right sales at the right time, you can earn money via your assets (in crypto). Trading has a lot of success stories and we aim to assist further in that.

So what can DemaTrading do for me?#

As explained on other pages, DemaTrading can assist you in automating and optimizing your strategy. A strategy is an approach to the current market, which will look at several factors such as ROI, the current values, the stop-loss, and so forth. The benefits of using automatized trading is that it will automatically do these processes for you even when you're not there to perform the actual trade.

That means that even if you are far away, the bot itself will still continue on to perform trades given the configuration you've given it. The configuration itself can be adjusted fairly easily which can be seen in pages such as the strategy examples page or the page of creating strategies.

I keep seeing all these terms and I'm not sure what they all mean!#

Don't be afraid! There are a lot of terms that can frighten you, but most of them will be described in the basic term sheet. We aim to give you more knowledge for both you and your strategies; this in return, allows you to improve and invest that knowledge into a further optimized bot.

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