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How we can help you with the monetisation of your algorithm#

At we aim to facilitate you - as an algorithm supplier - with a platform for your algorithms, and strategies to flourish. Founded with the vision in mind to be able to be a partner for everyone, no matter the experience. We help traders to automate, optimise, and monetise their trading strategies. No experience with trading? No experience with the complicated programming? We can and will help you in your learning journey!

For manual traders#

If you have a strategy that you've created manually, stuck in your mind or written on paper, but you're uncertain as to how to automate it and to make it work with automated trading fret not! We can automate it for you, depending on your strategy, and support you by answering all possible questions you may have through our engine support channel where we aim to solve your issue as soon as possible.

For algorithm creators#

As the algorithm creator, you'll be able to host your strategies, enjoy profit off it, and receive both instant feedback and optimization of your algorithm. Whether you have the trading knowledge or the coding knowledge, DemaTrading is there for you.

  1. Sign contract: you sign a contract with us, which will be provided after a brief conversation with us (follows the local laws and the European laws; we're registered in Amsterdam).
  2. Test and validate: we test the algorithm you provide us and test it, see whether it is valid or not and whether it is a strategy all parties can profit off of.
  3. Optimize: we or you - in conjunction with us - optimize the algorithm, ensure it can work on our platform without any errors.
  4. Sandbox: in the sandbox period, we dry-run the algorithm, ensuring that it will actually function and that it will be profitable for everyone involved.
  5. Going live: the final step. Your algorithm is now live! Time to earn some money!

Once in the live setting, your algorithm will be making profit over every single trade made with the algorithm, the amount you earn is based on the trades per month, the volume invested in your algorithm. Based off the volume and the trades per month, you'll receive a monthly income that in turn is a percentage of the fee of every trade.

Disclaimer: the fee in the algorithm needs to be 0.0025 (0.25%)

How do I know whether my bot is good?#

When backtesting your bot, the projected drawdown will be key. If your bot reaches a -80% drawdown and ends any and all time periods with losses rather than profits, then it won't be going far. However, if your bot only reaches a -10% dropdown and ends up with a solid profit on the vast majority of the trades made then your bot will be able to be pushed live once it makes it through the aforementioned 5 steps.

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